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Flywheel Growth Suite review: How to get ahead of your competition

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Flywheel growth suite review is an independent, thoughtful step by step review to help you overcome the pains of doing business while you make an informed decision, effortlessly save time and money. In this guide, you will discover Flywheel growth suite that can help grow your clients base, manage your site while you put your focus on catching pay checks.

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Table of Content

  • What is Flywheel?
  • How does Growth Suite work?
  • Flywheel Growth Suite benefits and Features
  • Growth Suite Pricing plans
  • Why use Flywheel Growth Suite?
  • Customer Segmentation of Growth suite
  • How Flywheel growth suite defines your business’ growth
  • Flywheel Growth Suite Business Model
  • Using Flywheel Growth Suite
  • Inside Growth Suite portal
  • What makes Growth Suite Different?
  • Final words

What is Flywheel?

Founded in 2012, Flywheel has grown into a major hosting provider in the WordPress niche. Most business owners choose Flywheel because it provides free site migration, auto backup’s services and automated WordPress updates. It does also come with built-in caching, SSL support, CDN integration among others.

If you have been buried in sluggish usage of many WordPress plug-ins, then you know the difficulty and importance of the caching system. Flywheel provides a super-fast caching system with fast speeds; solid site performances needed to run a WordPress site smoothly. 

Despite strong competition, Flywheel has evolved beyond its current site hosting and has made some critical changes over time, not to mention a staggering amount of strategic business solutions. Growth suite is one of these latest solutions by Flywheel.

Flywheel’s growth suite is a complete, all-in-one solution ready to handle all your growing site needs from billing, reporting, reselling managed WordPress while relieving your shoulders from the client management burden.

How does Growth Suite work?

Flywheel Growth Suite replaces old tried and tested spreadsheets and other extra costs by offering you one dashboard for your client, site management, billing, reporting and reselling managed WordPress hosting among others.

The growth suite with its quick and predictive functionality helps you never to worry about late payment, manual reporting and many software subscriptions. The suite can simplify your site management; earn you residual income by integrating it into your WordPress hosting maintenance packages. 

  • Flywheel Growth Suite Benefits and Features

When you get this software, you’ll get the following benefits and features:

  • Growth dashboard for cash flow insights at your fingertips.

  • Recurring and one-time invoicing for all clients’ needs.
  • Client management by housing all your clients and their information.
  • Send agency branded-reports with integrated Google Analytics.
  • Bulk Site management with a customizable single place to sort and filter all of your sites.
  • Fully integrated with Stripe that can securely bill your clients without worries.
  • Are you drowning in email messages? Growth Suite provides you with automated communication of your brand.
  • White-labelled temporary domains, client portal and client emails – All of the above features under your own brand.

Growth Suite Pricing plans

Annual price (2 free months)$135/mo ($1,350/year)$330/mo ($3,300/year) 
Number of websites10Upto 30100
Visits100,000400,0001.6M +

Bonus: Unlike most hosting platforms, the Flywheel growth suite allows you to have an unlimited number of clients even that outside Flywheel.

Why use Flywheel Growth Suite?

The growth suite is important if your freelance or agency needs fall into the following:

  1. Billing/invoicing
  2. Client and site management
  3. Branded client reports
  4. Managed WordPress hosting

In other words, growth suite will provide instant systematization of your business, increase conversion, help you make data-informed decisions, SEO or design and manage your success.

  1. Customer Segmentation of Growth suite

Most start-ups struggle to get the grip of processes and other business iterations. If one can step back and analyse how to grow the business, this simple action can make a difference in turning your business into a massive success instead of one of the start-up casualties.

Why not choose a simple solution that can dramatically transform your business fortune?

Growth Suite has been built to fit the needs of freelancers and small agencies. Gone are the days when you use 4-5 different software to manage your processes. Now you can use this all-in-one suite.

Before you start crunching profit numbers just yet, you must know that this software entails important elements that come with how to produce value, capture value and deliver value without spending big.

The value propositions in using a growth suite platform are ease of use, low cost and personalized multi-purpose single suite.

Most businesses fail because entrepreneurs put too much energy, faith, time and valuable resources into making their businesses succeed but an inconsequential element will bring it down.

All these struggles are solved by one solution created by Flywheel. Growth Suite is a concierge client and site management tool that you never knew you needed. In fact, as the name sounds, its primary function and definition are for your client and business growth.

If you have always wanted an independent standard operating procedure for every facet of your business; then this new suite is what you have been looking for. This solution grows your new business or builds upon your existing business.

  • Flywheel Growth Suite Business Model

A business model means a framework for optimizing long-term value by systematically analysing how to deliver value to customers profitably. In other words, a business model can be defined as a framework to understand, design and test assumptions in a given market.

For the Flywheel growth suite, the model focuses on how the pieces of the business ‘blocks’ come together. It looks at the best way the freelancer and the agency get the most of its features under one roof. 

The core business of Flywheel Growth Suite involves sales and subscription services.

How to use Flywheel Growth Suite

  1. Inside of Growth suite Portal

The dashboard

How to create a Growth Suite invoice

Manage Clients

Manage your sites

Other Growth Suite Services

Customized services

Client reporting

  1. What makes Growth Suite Different?

Other software; frankly, they are expensive. Some say they are pricey but the bottom line is; you can’t get features such as billing, client management, hosting while also earning yourself recurring income at $135/mo with a single software. The truth is few or none can come close to Flywheel’s Growth Suite client and site management solutions.

The most boring part of other similar software is the rigidity that comes with their features. It’s quite difficult to find customized solutions for freelancers and small agencies which in this case, Flywheel does with aplomb.

Can you see a demo of the growth suite plan? Yes, you can get started with Growth Suite now.

Final Words

The growth suite doesn’t have much downside. Email subscription from independent providers is the only noticeable problem. All in all, if you have always wanted an all-in-one solution for your freelance or agency needs; the Flywheel growth suite is the best at the moment.

This Flywheel growth suite review is a complete insight of Flywheel’s latest additional feature created to help solve your invoicing/billing issues, client management, reliable hosting and earn passive income under one umbrella of your brand.

If you still have questions regarding the Flywheel growth suite, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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