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Income Cash Cow (ICC) - Who we are

We are a small team of creative and result-driven individuals who help entrepreneurs with business ideas, business tools and connection to funding sources to make money. Income Cash Cow is our money milking machine.

Income Cash Cow (ICC) was founded by Malok Mading & Gatwech Kuek.

About Malok Mading

I first came across the internet in 2008. Some years down the line, I became an active user of the internet marketing.

I tried my hand on numerous programs such as F5M Millionaires Club, Swom, Foreclosure, Commission Junction (CJ) among others. I failed miserably as I actually didn’t have an idea how the process work. I wanted money, lot of money actually.

To be precise, I tried affiliate marketing, MLM, business networking among others. In March 2011, I started my first blog where I made a name for myself for a while.

My Money Harvester was the name by then. On it, I put up some banner ads and also had Adsense activated. Because I use public cyber cafes, my activity and those of users who come to use the same computers affected my blog. My account was ultimately banned permanently after some months for illegal activity. This was a blow.

My hindrances from starting a lucrative online business was the fact that I was a refugee with no proper financial backings. In essence, I had no laptop, no hosting, or other expensive equipment to build the blog with.

I remembered one time after finishing the little I had, I accumulated internet fees for using the cyber café.

Initially, I thought I will make a lot of money even to clear the cyber café attendant. The money making activities I was engaging online weren’t fruitful in time. When it reaches $48, the attendant notified my guardian. After helping me clear the bill, this temporary stopped me from using the internet.

Sometime later, I got employed as a cyber café attendant. By then, I had recharge myself.

I have spent over 7+ years hopping from business opportunity to another without strategic mindset. The question on my mind was: What’s the easiest way to make money right now?

For me, any promising hot opportunity was what I always go for. I wanted to either make quick bucks or lots of money but the windfall never lasts.

In 2013, I created 21st Blogger and invest a lot in building it. For some months, it grew and earned me some gigs but ultimately fall in the end.

I took some time off the internet limelight. By this time I had undergone so many titles such as home-based business owner, internet market, writer, blogger, affiliate marketer or social media fanatic.

One thing about me was that no matter how much I failed, I will always come up with a new business idea. From writing short stories, selling movie briefs, milk store, personal development coaching, jobs forum, NGO and many more.

I was so consistent with new ideas but so inconsistent in implementing them.

Gatwech Kuek -ICC Co-Founder

How did I turn the corner?

I met Gatwech in Juba and soon we become great friends. After several meet ups, Gatwech opened my eyes to other problems.

Having graduated with business under his belt and worked on tons projects before; Gatwech sees through ideas with lenses that few pros use. He told me, it is utterly impossible to change my lifestyle if there isn't consistency.

This sound advice paved way to the birth of Income Cash Cow (ICC).

Throughout the years, I have been giving business ideas to entrepreneurs who have succeeded. Although I have been giving them away freely before, we have now decided to make it's a full-time business.

About Premium Business Ideas

Although there is no idea which is so new under the sun, but an idea is just a thought, right? But what about a developed, well-researched, scalable, low-cost and profitable idea? Think of it as your ready turnkey business.

Why do Entrepreneurs fail?

If you put too much faith, energy, time and valuable resources in the wrong pool with wrong arsenal, you’ll drastically fail.

What We Have done for you

  • Market Research –Idea viability is already done in contrast to millions or billions of ideas under the sun –Think of TikTok recently coming out of the blue despite having YouTube and others around!

  • Documentation fitting every idea -Be it winning-pitch or money-laundering business plan, you don’t need to spend more money!

  • Funding Sources –Lack of money is not the excuse, we have partnered with the best funding sources. Limitation is not the issue either because if you miss from one source, you have other ready options that can fund your business of up to $5m.

  • Mentorship –You are not alone on this journey, step by step, you’ll be guided by top brains and guys reaping big.

  • It’s all done for you.


  • Low-cost business ideas with high profit potential.
  • Trademark, patent or copyrighted available 100% once you own them.
  • No royalties attached or whatsoever
  • AI-backed and Backed by humans

  • These highly premium business comes with risk free rights to exclusively own and use them without legal issue.

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    We also happen to have an amazing Customer Relationship & Support team, helping all our users round the clock, not with just technical queries but with additional weekly live training, QnA and AMA sessions. We are very proud to have an overall Customer Happiness Index of 70% in the year 2018 (which is way higher than industry standard).


    Behind this are real people with real ideas but not just big ideas but proven money-making ideas.

    We work our a***s off and deliver brutal truth whether it hurts or not. Income Cash Cow is #1 priority and value is honesty. No gimmicks, cheat codes, or some sort of hacks.

    We don’t just sell ideas. We failed miserably before 90% of the time. But we simply weed out what works and those that doesn’t to be where we are now.


    -Team CashCow